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Flat and strip industrial and technical for all applications as brushes for airseal, ginning machines, food industry, flour mills. 
Ginning mill\\\'s brushes of all types
Αll types of brushes for ginning machines continental marey lummus etter.
Air seal
Air seal brushes. Ideal for protection of dust and water in cuting and grinding machines. Suitable for covering the gaps in industrial doors especially in the food industry.
Flat brushes for potatoes and carot.
Ideal for barel type cleaning machines. For dry or wet use.
Brushes for mussels and calams.
Sutable for all types of cleaning machines for mussels clams and other seafood.
Flour mills and food applications
Made from high quality antibacterial materials certified for use in  food applications.
Brushes for tyles and cement products
Suitable for ceramic tyle industry, pavement tyles and cement blocks.