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Easy-Fit system
Easy-fit system is a modular system with only benefits.
This cylindrical technical brush is addapted to all diameters of shaft from 10mm to 110mm.
The one brush is fitted to the other so the lengrh is ajusted according to your needs without any gaps at the connections.
It is self-centered and trasmit the rottation to all the length without any additional parts. 
Zero time of replacment for the old brushes.
No need to maintain stock for different lengths or shaft's diameter.
Zero maintenance.
Low cost

Technical data:
Total diameter from 30mm to 600mm
Shaft diameter from 5 to 110mm

Filing materials
Plastic fibres Nylon 6 - 6.6 - 610 from 0.05mm to 3mm
Plastic fibres PP, Polyester PBT, PET
Natural horse hair
Mexican tampico fibres
Bassina fibres
Stainless steel wire
Oil hardened steel
Brass wire
diameters. from 30mm to 500mm shaft

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